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Marketing Solutions works with leading organisations & brands to bring clarity & passion to their communications. We are primarily a design firm for visionary organisations. Marketing Solutions is not just a company of Designers, Writers and Engineers but a team of Thinkers, Explorers, Entrepreneurs, Story-tellers, Investigators and Problem Solvers. We are people passionately interested in the nature of people and business.

Design cannot exist in a vacuum to be effective, our role with our clients has become more and more complex over the years. From a practice that used to be just about the surface, it has transitioned to assume a far more strategic and important role. We have been fortunate to have had relationships with visionary organisations, both Small & Large, who have extended their trust at critical milestones in their evolution. Often, there have been moments of re-invention or realignment to purpose - moments where we have been instrumental in helping companies communicate value & vision with greater clarity and setting the stage for stronger rapport with audiences. For us nothing could be more satisfying.